Medical Tourist Guide to Iran

The cost of treatment in Iran is twice as high as 40% compared to Western Europe, 65% to the United States, and 20% to 30% lower than neighboring countries such as Iraq, Azerbaijan, Oman and Afghanistan. Examples of similar therapies in those countries. On the other hand, due to the devaluation of the Iranian rial, travel and purchasing foodstuffs in Iran have become very affordable for tourists. If we go into the details of a health tourism package for a specific service such as a nose surgery in Iran for a country like England we will notice the huge difference in costs:

  • icon-check The cost of nose surgery in Tehran is assumed to double between $ 700 and $ 1,100 depending on the hospital and physician.
  • icon-check In Iran, a 4 star hotel costs $ 30- $ 35 per night.
  • icon-check The Tehran-London Economics airfare or roundtrip flight costs an average of $ 410.
  • icon-check Between $ 50 and $ 70 visa fee.
  • icon-check An average personal translator for a 4-day trip package of $ 250- $ 400.
  • icon-check Translation of medical reports between $ 5 and $ 10 per page.
  • icon-check A meal at a luxury restaurant in Tehran costs $ 16.
  • icon-check An average taxi fare per transfer, for example, from Tehran International Airport to Erfan Private Hospital is $ 2.7.

That is, if you are planning on taking a package of nose surgery from London to Tehran, a 4-day tour of a private hospital will cost between $ 1850 and $ 2,200. That is far lower than countries like Turkey, India and the United Kingdom itself. In addition, these highly skilled physicians and hospitals have quality and specialized facilities and services for international patients. Another important question is whether the patient needs follow-up at the hospital or with a specialist. As a medical tourist, it is important that you calculate these costs if you have to pay for this, or if you have to return to Iran several times or have to stay in Iran for some time. That, of course, will not be high in Iran again.

Insurance for international patients

  • icon-check It is almost possible to say that none of Iran's private hospitals have contracts with international insurance companies.

The status of payment in Iran

Iran faces problems and bottlenecks in coping with US sanctions due to problems with international payments and the use of credit cards. Note that when you decide to travel to Iran, make sure you have a payment service provider or hospital or company facilitating the payment mechanism. Get enough cash with the details of your travel package. It is important, of course, to know that most hospitals and companies in this area have access to money in other countries.

Medical visa status in Iran

You can apply for a treatment visa in Iran by receiving a certificate from a reputable medical or medical center. The average treatment visa costs between $ 60 and $ 80. That may vary depending on the country of origin. It is important to note that for a T-type visa, a passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure. International patients can contact the International Health Services Association of Iran for advice.

Quality of Iranian Hospitals

The quality of Iranian private hospitals is high. Most of those licensed by the IPD or INTERNATIONAL PATIENT DEPARTMENT have the international quality standards necessary to serve patients. The important thing about Iran's private hospitals is that these hospitals have separate departments to serve international patients to foreign patients as guests in a special way and in rooms equipped with experienced staff and staff. Competence in cross-cultural, well-educated, English-speaking, often Arabic and Russian-speaking, and credentialed service is offered.