Travel Rules

  • icon-check Having all medical records of the patient, including a summary of the surgical and diagnostic procedures, along with a copy of each (from past to last).
  • icon-check Be patient and female patients preferably female and male patient patients preferably male (due to restrictions we have at some hospitals).
  • icon-check Having all the medications the patient took (many patients stop taking their medications in hopes of not getting them).
  • icon-check If the patient has a device such as a prosthesis or… he should bring along (especially patients who come to Iran for a prosthesis replacement).
  • icon-check Complement with sufficient precautions for non-stop costs (long stay, purchase of medicines and equipment, necessary surgeries, etc) .
  • icon-check If for any reason, a problem arises during treatment for the patient, he or she should contact the support center to resolve them as quickly as possible.
  • icon-check Avoid giving any extra money (on-demand, on-demand, etc.) to the hospital or staff and translator.
  • icon-check The patient should spend all of his time with the patient until the end of treatment, and stress should not be imposed on the patient, such as the need to return to work,
    problems, illnesses, and so on. Therefore, the patient should be careful and cautious in the choice of companion (susceptible to travel to the last moment) (in such cases it
    is suggested that the patient be with a first-degree relative).
  • icon-check The patient's treatment and treatment are preferable to anything. Therefore, the patient should not request circulation prior to and during treatment (which may interfere
    with or disrupt the treatment). And these should be confirmed at the discretion of the consulting physician.